Livindi Logistics is a new tool intended to help organizations rapidly deploy existing Livindi technology to patients and residents at risk of social isolation.

Livindi’s HIPAA compliant, 4GLTE tablet and ambient sensor device combine the ability to communicate with audio and video with monitoring that doesn’t require a wearable. Care service is provided using a call center.

“Livindi Logistics allows our customer to focus on the customer while we worry about the technology,” said Richard Watkins, Livindi’s chief technology officer. “State and local grants and changes in reimbursement regulations for remote care and telemedicine have resulted in increased sales to help families, caregivers, medical and non-medical personnel to connect and adhere to strict social distancing guidelines. Seniors grappling with social isolation are at risk for anxiety detrimental to their health, safety and morale at home, in senior living facilities and nursing homes.”

Livindi’s technology connects family members and caregivers with seniors for virtual visits, monitoring and check-ins. It facilitates visual contact with isolated older adults, keeps family members accessible to an older adult who needs emotional support and social interaction, and offers caregivers a chance to watch for illness symptoms.

Livindi also keeps families connected with LivindiPad, a tablet for seniors. Simply touching a picture on the screen starts a video call. Voice to text helps those with diminished hearing. Families can send pictures to a digital picture frame. Livindi includes a set of sensors that monitor activity and environment and recognize behavioral changes. When a potential issue is identified, Livindi alerts caregivers on their smartphones. Livindi comes pre-configured and connected to the internet.