Linked Senior and Pioneer Network have created a social media awareness campaign targeting for its continued sale of restraints for use in home and residential settings.

Linked Senior is challenging its clients and partners with an “EngageAThon.” The more they use its evidence-based platform during the month of October, the more Linked Senior will donate to Pioneer Network.

The community that logs the most minutes on Linked Senior will receive “Old People are Cool” swag for their team.

Pioneer Network has long worked to discontinue the practice of using physical and chemical restraints in nursing homes.

“We believe in a world where the older adult is valued and respected — and where their experience is person-centered,” Linked Senior CEO and co-founder Charles de Vilmorin said. “Addressing their need with the opportunity to fulfill purpose is our duty, this is why we’re happy to spearhead an effort to not only remove physical restraints from for people living with dementia, but also support the formal and informal caregivers to help them provide the most purposeful experience.”