Medtronic announced the debut of its NURO System, which sends percutaneous tibial neuromodulation for the treatment of overactive bladder.

The NURO System delivers a gentle electrical pulse to the tibial nerve via an acupuncture-like needle placed in the skin near the ankle, which is attached to a neurostimulator, the company explained. While patients still need to go to a physician office, they can read or listen to music during therapy, and the side effects are minimal.

In clinical trials PTNM reduced incontinence episodes and voids per day, and reduced urgency and offered long-term relief. Seniors in long-term care may benefit from the treatment, the company said.

“Many people with OAB are unsatisfied with current treatments and a significant number are not seeking treatment altogether,” said Harriette Scarpero, M.D., of Associated Urologists of Nashville, Tennessee. “With the NURO System, I can offer patients another option to restore bladder function and improve quality of life without the side effects of medication.”