Kno2 is making its on-demand patient record retrieval service available free for as long as state or federal states of emergency continue.

Last week, Carequality, the leading national query network used by major EHR vendors, granted an emergency waiver allowing end users to access its network and query for records — even without an integrated EHR. 

“This was a very important move in allowing the entire care continuum to be able to access records and allow patient information to flow during the time of crisis,” said Therasa Bell, Kno2’s president and chief technology officer. “With the Kno2 interoperability tools, we can ensure timely, coordinated care responses during the public health crises by providing access to an on-demand, comprehensive patient record retrieval service from a surrounding community of providers.” 

Kno2 is an interoperability provider for most EHR vendors working in the post-acute sphere. It has now made its portal available at no charge for skilled nursing, long-term acute care facilities and therapists and home health providers, but per-site registration is required.

In a white paper, the company outlined ways in which the service could help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If a symptomatic patient presents at an ER or urgent care, providers will want access to the patient’s current medications; allergies; active conditions or risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory comorbidities. Post-discharge, skilled nursing or home health providers will need access to treatment information to understand continuing risks and long-term care approaches.

The records can also feed state and national monitoring, prevention and treatment efforts.