The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Prefix Health are running a pilot program meant to speed up the process of determining which older adults seeking long-term care are Medicaid eligible.

Long-term care providers can become frustrated when there are delays in Medicaid eligibility for residents, often bearing the costs for months before payment.

Prefix Health seeks to speed up the process with data retrieval and analysis, including looking at data from trusted third-party sources such as banks. This expedited digital approach is designed to reduce the paperwork burden for families while providing more security.

“Kansas LTC providers care for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. We welcome this step toward reducing these unnecessary delays in reimbursing them for doing so,” said Cindy Luxem, the CEO and president of the Kansas Health Care Association. “Streamlining this process and identifying areas where more information is needed gives LTC facilities more control in the process, enabling them to sustain this vital work.”