Touchtown has integrated with YouTube Live, the company announced in December.

Community leadership and life enrichment professionals can now livestream to a Touchtown digital sign, in-room TV channel or mobile application. It allows communities to avoid expensive cabling or camera equipment to bring special events to everyone in the community, the company said.

Upon adding their YouTube Live channel link to the Touchtown Content Manager, staff can livestream events directly from their phone to their Touchtown products.

“Communities spend as much as $70,000 to route video back to a computer,” said Lindsay Evans, Touchtown’s Product Manager. “Everyone has a powerful video camera in their pocket, so integrating with YouTube Live was a natural extension of our offering. We want to ensure that everyone within the the community has the opportunity to engage in programming, regardless of their acuity, physical well-being, or social preference.”

Touchtown is in 1,200 communities, which can benefit from the YouTube Live integration.