Integra, which deploys PrimeCare in its long-term care pharmacies, is now offering genomic testing through a partnership with Medtek21. The goal is to help reduce adverse prescription drug reactions, a leading cause of hospital readmission for long-term care patients.

“Patients react to medications differently,” said Tabb Stringer, Vice President of Product Management for Integra. “By interfacing MedTek21 with PrimeCare, it’s easier than ever for pharmacists to utilize insights from clinical-grade genomic testing to help optimize prescriptions and dosing for every patient.”

With Medtek21’s technology, a cheek swab can alert pharmacists to the correct medication and dosage for the patient. This system can also be implemented to existing pharmacy processes, such as resident medication reviews.

“Our goal at MedTek21 is to empower pharmacists as they play an ever-increasing role in the delivery of actionable, value-based care,” said Dave Copas, co-founder of MedTek21. “Integrating our products within PrimeCare enhances the ease of access to pharmacogenomics and personalized medication management for long-term care pharmacies and facilities across the country.”