Telemedicine platform developer iDocsWeb is offering its service free for one month to U.S. skilled nursing and other long-term care operators during the ongoing public health emergency.

Access to the LTC-specific, cloud-based telehealth platform is unrestricted, and new clients also can use the infection control stewardship component at no cost for three months.

“Like any good tool, the way telemedicine is incorporated into the routines and protocols of a facility will determine the level of benefits derived,” said Anton Georgiev, chief medical officer. “Our goal is to assure that all stakeholders including the facility clinical staff and primary care physicians are fully aware of the functionality of our platform that will allow them to achieve maximum positive outcomes.”

Concerned physicians can avoid cross-infection risks by using the iDocsWeb Provider applications to administer remote treatment to their nursing home patients. As nursing home isolation policies remain in effect across much of the nation, the iDocsWeb Family application also provides a way for family members to visit virtually with residents. 

“With this pandemic having reached epic proportions in the United States, it is paramount for institutions to minimize workers’ and patients’ exposure,” said founder and CEO Suresh Nellore, M.D. “The use of telemedicine, as the name implies, will reduce the number of in-person contacts that can possibly lead to the spread of this deadly virus.”

iDocsWeb’s HIPAA-compliant solution offers a specifically tailored telemedicine platform that allows RNs, Nurse practitioners and board-certified physicians to consult with client facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.