Pavilion Business Services has published Facilities Management Volume 2, a comprehensive guide  to help organizational leaders and facility managers address the issue of indoor air quality in their buildings during and after the COVID-19 crisis..

The 144-page book covers everything from improving management of HVAC systems for healthy air quality to energy conservation and cost savings.  

“Successful businesses will adapt and innovate to meet their customers’ and employees’ new behaviors and needs while also instilling confidence,” said Greg Spafford, managing director of Pavilion Business Services. “Improved indoor air quality, ventilation and purification are essential to keeping buildings – and those inside them – healthy.”

Because experts can’t predict if or when this novel coronavirus will dissipate, it’s important to improve indoor air quality to reduce virus spread. Facilities Management Volume 2 empowers building managers, owners and developers to:

  • design and develop a better functioning workplace
  • gain knowledge on HVAC effects
  • improve air quality to maximize health and safety
  • increase comfort and reduce energy costs
  • reduce insurance costs
  • avoid legal liabilities

The handbook is available for $97 at