G-Con Manufacturing Inc., which makes cleanroom systems, has launched a transmissible disease containment POD. The POD is 8.5 feet and can be transported by tractor-trailer or its own axle system.

The product also has a double bag-in/bag-out HEPA filter, and can be used with methods such as vaporized hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide. The PODs “represent a robust and reliable containment system, unique and advanced to any other option,” the company said.

The prefabricated PODs are typically built in 18 weeks. Integrated air bearings make additional support equipment unnecessary upon delivery. PODs are self-contained, autonomous cleanroom or containment systems for biopharmaceutical product processes.

“In light of recent events, we realized the need for even faster deployment and even better containment with redundancy functions in a transmissible disease application,” said explained Maik Jornitz, president of G-CON Manufacturing Inc. “Our comprehensive experience with biosafety level containment and cleanroom structures helped us to develop the TDC POD. The available alternatives are simply not robust enough, lack scaling capabilities and cannot be properly sanitized for repeated uses.