The typical long-term care resident requires eight or more medications daily. So with Hurricane Sandy ripping through the pharmaceutical corridor last week, many operators were rightfully concerned about possible medication shortages. The good news is that most drug firms appear to be getting back on their feet quickly. Princeton, NJ-based Sandoz said it had received no reports of injuries to employees. Bayer said it had no reports of injuries and most Northeastern sites were up and running by Friday. Though its Fort Washington, PA, office reopened and manufacturing and operations have resumed, Janssen’s commercial locations in New Jersey remain closed. Roche sites in Branford, CT, and Branchburg and Nutley, NJ, were idled by the storm, but all are now back up and running. Purdue’s Stamford headquarters reopened last week. In New York City, Pfizer was fortunate. The company’s headquarters, on 42nd Street in Manhattan, is just two blocks north of the East Side blackout zone.