nora employees have donated more than $27,600 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital since May 2014, the company announced.

This year, it donated $5,200 as the result of a matching gift program that invited employees to donate $1 every pay period to the hospital.

“For 57 years, St. Jude Children’s Hospital has pledged to provide care to children battling cancer and other deadly diseases without ever sending a family a bill — not for treatment, travel, housing or food,” said Amy Ouellette, human resources manager at nora. “The generosity of our nora employees helps sustain this mission, and we are proud to continue to support this amazing organization.”  

In other nora news, Interface announced nora® rubber flooring is now included in its Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.

“Quickly after the acquisition, we committed ourselves to better understand nora’s rubber flooring manufacturing process and supply chain as part of our carbon neutral floors offering,” said Erin Meezan, chief sustainability officer for Interface. “While we have work to do to reduce the carbon footprint in rubber flooring manufacturing, we are beginning to apply our 25 years of experience reducing Interface’s carbon emissions to accelerate our progress on nora products. To reach carbon neutrality, we calculate the remaining greenhouse gas emissions for the entire lifecycle of our products and invest in verified emission reduction projects located all over the world to offset these emissions.”