Milliken Specialty Interiors, a business of Milliken’s Performance and Protective Textiles division, has donated white cotton fabric to support The Love Quilt Project, a non-profit organization that connects children in the United States and South Africa who have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The organization also offers financial assistance to fund the cost of sending 12 South African foster children to attend school for eight years. Milliken’s donation allows the children to decorate with “messages of love,” with the squares sewn into quilts that are given to other children in need.

“This partnership with Milliken is a natural fit since we support the textile industry in different ways. We can focus more of our efforts on enriching children’s lives through educational opportunities which is where we can have the most impact,” said Gretchen Ginnerty, founder of The Love Quilt Project.  

Milliken Specialty Interiors will feature three quilts prominently in its Showtime showroom in June, each made from its Breathe by Milliken™ performance upholstery fabrics. The company said it’s proud to support non-profit organizations using textiles.

“Milliken Specialty Interiors actively seeks opportunities to work with nonprofit organizations that use textiles to add value to people’s lives, so it’s natural that we would work with The Love Quilt Project,” said LeAnne Flack, marketing manager, Milliken Specialty Interiors. “Not only does this organization’s mission tug at our heartstrings, but its practice of actively upcycling fabric remnants to eliminate textile waste aligns with our core value of sustainability.”