EyeClick, which found international success with its BEAM projection games for children, has pivoted to the senior care market.

Its new Obie brand uses a smart projector to provide stimulating games designed specifically for seniors. It’s a tool more providers are finding helpful as they try to keep residents engaged during COVID-19.

The concept is similar to BEAM, which uses a floor projector to create a large screen for customized game play that engages the whole body through lighting and sound. If this idea rings a bell, it may be because you have seen it before. The company’s motion-activated games have been installed in McDonald’s and Burger King play areas.

EyeClick Founder Ariel Almos is behind both the kid-friendly and adult-friendly platforms.

“We identified the need and realized that this technology can bring a lot of value to the senior population, which is at high risk now and isolated and has very specific needs,” Almos said.

With Obie, games can be played on a table, wall, floor or any flat surface — all of which can be sanitized more easily than traditional board games or puzzles.

Each Obie unit includes a projector, computer, sensors and selected games such as soccer, piano and bubble-popping or gem-hunting themes that mimic popular smartphone apps. The interactive gaming platform is designed with seniors’ physical and cognitive limitations in mind.

Obie is already being used in Complete Care Management skilled nursing facilities in New Jersey, with planned installations coming in Arizona, Colorado, New York and Wisconsin.