MDsense for fall protection

Essence SmartCare’s new MDsense multidimensional fall detection solution launched last month, with intelligent sensors providing a new alternative to wearables and a way to reduce false alarms.

MDsense provides whole residence fall protection by monitoring events using only wall-mounted intelligent sensors rather than wearable devices. MDsense enables caregivers to react quicker to verified falls while maintaining resident’s complete privacy. The wireless system has no video or sound function, operates 24/7, and works in light or dark rooms.

MDsense is part of Essence’s Care@Home, a cloud-connected advanced Telecare solution. that uses AI and machine learning to continuously collect actionable data.

“Current fall monitoring systems leave the responsibility for alerting carers about a fall to the resident,” said Haim Amir, PhD, founder and CEO of Essence Group. “MDsense enables independence and is always there, ready to support when needed, offering real peace of mind for both the cared-for and the carer.”