Electronic Caregiver, a remote patient monitoring company, is making it easier for patients to locate senior living options and care services through a partnership with Realtime Senior Living.

Using Realtime Senior Living’s apps, case managers and care coordinators will be able to search and direct patients and their families to skilled nursing or other senior living facilities that use Electronic Caregiver’s health and safety monitoring devices. Those include Addison the Virtual Caregiver, a touch-screen device that works alongside Electronic Caregiver’s Premier and ProHealth wearable devices.

“We have patients who stay in hospitals extra days because they aren’t able to finalize [placement in a senior care facility], so there’s a huge cost to the hospitals; there’s a huge cost to the patients and their families,” said Electronic Caregiver Chief Clinical Officer Tim Washburn. “Hospitals are places where people are when they’re sick, so if you’re going to be in a hospital, your very first goal is to get out of the hospital. Anything we can do to speed that up so it’s a good transition, that’s in our wheelhouse, and that’s what this partnership should help us to do.”

Electronic Caregiver’s products and services include the Premier, a wrist pendant featuring a Medical Concern Button that connects users with Emergency Medical Dispatch Operators at any time, and the Pro Health, which provides vitals monitoring and emergency response. Both devices offer medication reminders and pocketMD, a 24/7 physician-on-demand service.

Realtime’s search app helps case managers quickly find available care services in the area that meet patient’s personalized needs.

“We’ve been looking for opportunities to enhance the experience within the communities and homes that we partner with,” said Steve Gilbert, founder and CEO of Realtime Senior Living. “I think of it as being a premier provider, and what can you do to ensure that you are taking care of your clients, helping them stay longer?”

Washburn and Gilbert said they hope to launch the app featuring Electronic Caregiver providers in early 2020. The app will continue to evolve with the partnership to meet the needs of patients and senior care facilities.