, the newest component in Edentech’s Care, Safe & Secure Suite, is a subscription service providing clients with monitoring and alerting within minutes of a food, drug, device, consumer product or vehicle recall. 

SecureRecalls has been in beta for over a year, which allowed time for improved data harvesting and alerting components.

“With the built-in alerting via email and SMS text messaging, our clients will receive notification within minutes of the FDA or USDA publishing a recall,” partner Lou Liberio said. “Added features such as inventory matching, full history searches and (the) ability to have different categories of recalls be directed to different email addresses and SMS numbers will give our clients the ability to configure the system more closely to their particular needs.”

Healthcare facilities could benefit from instant access to recall information about purchased food, drugs, and other products they make available to their residents and staff. All recalls from the FDA, USDA, CPSC and NHTSA are accessed through the one web portal with stored links to the actual recall notifications.