Drive Medical introduces long-term care beds

Drive Medical is offering new long-term care beds.

The Drive Premier Model has low heights, standard floor brakes and a 500-pound weight capacity. The Drive Elite Model is considered an “entry level bed” with features that can be adjusted, and has a 450-pound weight capacity. The Drive Choice Model is for long-term care facilities with a price “that’s attractive to the tightest budget.” It also has a 450-pound weight capacity and optional 42-inch expansion. 

The Drive Bari-750 Model is for bariatric residents, with a 750-pound weight capacity and four heavy duty steer/locking casters, as well as up to 84 inches for the sleep surface. The Drive Bari-PLUS Model is for up to 1,000 pounds and has a 54-inch width expansion. There are thick padded assist rails and five function pendant control, as well as optional weight scales and trapeze attachment.