Sopris Health launched a new chat-interface documentation solution that delivers a clinic note in 45 seconds or less.

The assistant lets users complete documentation in between visits, allowing clinicians to finalize a clinic note before they see a new patient or resident, said Patrick Leonard, CEO and co-founder, Sopris Health.

“Delivering real value to our customers means delivering a clinic note in the time it takes to move onto their next patient — 45 seconds or less — without the cognitive load,” he said.

Sopris Assistant is available on iOS to U.S. physicians and healthcare providers. It is meant to reduce time and increase efficiency.

John Froelich, an orthopedic surgeon, co-founded Sopris Health.

“Sopris Assistant is a response to the reality that many physicians don’t want documentation to be a part of their exam room encounter, but their hands historically have been tied with outdated, cumbersome and expensive technology solutions,” he said.