Software company Cortex has debuted a new feature called “Opportunities” to its patient discharge calls, hospital alerts, and risk scoring platform.

The platform prioritizes notifications to help skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies and focuses on which patients are at the greatest risk of readmission or in need of additional care.

“With our proprietary real-time, patient data and third-party sources generating actionable Opportunities, care providers have vastly improved focus, response times, and network performance,” said Riley Adamson, CEO and founder of Cortex.

Cortex has highlighted four potential opportunity categories: Clinical Outcomes, Patient Needs, Patient Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction. It also monitors patient satisfaction and highlights company and employee reviews.

“Opportunities really made it click for our team. It makes it so easy to see exactly what we need to focus on,” says Dustin Delahoussaye, VP of Data Analytics at Nursing Specialties Home Health & Hospice. “In our first month, we assisted 12 patients that were in need of additional care.”

The Opportunities dashboard augments the core healthcare software, the company said.

“We are very ecstatic about the beta launch of Opportunities and happy to see all of the positive feedback from our clients,” said Josh Albrechtsen, COO and Head of Product at Cortex. “We know this system will be a gamechanger for hospitals and care facilities, helping them to identify opportunities when patients truly need more care.”