Medline and Providigm, the creator of abaqis, unveiled a new CMS Facility Assessment Tool during the The AHCA/NCAL 68th Annual Convention & Expo in Las Vegas.

The new tool uses a facility’s Minimum Data Set to automatically pull attributes for all resident stays from the previous year. The information is aggregated and providers information on frequency of resident types.

“Our new tool takes the guesswork out of the assessment process and creates an automated process for aggregating resident data, allowing the facility to accurately assess its capability to deliver the care that a specific resident population requires,” says Ellen Kuebrich, chief sales and marketing officer at Providigm.

The Facility Assessment Tool can help providers prepare for the Phase 2 deadline of the CMS Requirements of Participation, the companies said. Medline started offering abaqis to customers in 2008.

“It is important that we are more than just a medical supply company to our customers. Medline strives to offer comprehensive and long-term business solutions, which is why we have put tremendous focus on our partnership with Providigm to ensure post-acute care providers have the tools they need to better comply with complex regulations,” says Shawn Scott, senior vice president, corporate sales, Medline.