Four professional cleaning companies are collaborating on Sodexo’s Safer Together program, recently launched to give consumers more confidence about the cleaning and safety of shared spaces in healthcare settings.

The enhanced cleaning and disinfection program incorporates well-known brands from Sodexo, P&G Professional, Clorox Healthcare and GOJO to be used in conjunction with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-1.

Select Care New England hospitals are piloting Safer Together.

Clorox Healthcare recently surveyed 1,700 patients and recent hospital visitors, and 79% said that seeing posted signs featuring cleaning, disinfecting and hand sanitizing products from brands they know and trust would make them feel more comfortable about visiting a hospital.  

“Our research corroborates the finding that patients visiting a healthcare facility would like the facility to use cleaning products from manufacturers or brands they know and trust,” said Paul Edmondson, vice president of P&G Professional.

Cleaning and disinfection products in the Safer Together program will be used in shared and common spaces, including on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and handles, light switches and countertops, safety shields, toilets, sinks and other restroom surfaces, as well as all areas around lobbies and corridors where patients and visitors travel. Signage will be available and placed in high-traffic areas to provide reassurance that cleaning and disinfecting initiatives are in place to provide safer common spaces for visitors. PURELL hand sanitizer stations will also be available upon facility entry and throughout the hospitals in other high-traffic areas to help provide an additional safety measure for patients and visitors.  

“GOJO has been a trusted provider of innovative solutions for hospitals for decades. We understand the vital role a community hospital plays,” said Carey Jaros, president and CEO of GOJO. “Bringing together PURELL Hand Sanitizer, America’s #1 brand of hand sanitizer — and one of the most trusted brands in healthcare — with other first-class brands, will help patients feel safer visiting.”