CareWorx Corporation announced it has merged with Fully Managed Technology Inc., a large Canadian cloud service provider.

Together the companies will manage six managed service centers. The combined entity will be known as CareWorx Fully Managed with 270 employees in three lines of business.

The next stage for its brand strategy will be announced at its KO19 Sales Kick-off on February 7 in Toronto.

“Having spent almost a year on the merger, I’ve had the opportunity first-hand to witness our synergies — we share a common approach to both managed services and the concept of digital transformation,” said Joel Abramson, former CEO of Fully Managed and now EVP & GM of the Managed Services division. “Ultimately, I see an alignment of great people on both teams, committed to a common vision of simplifying technology for our customers.”

Funding was previously provided by Kayne Partners, along with additional debt financing from CIBC Innovation Banking.

CareWorx is based in Ottawa, while Fully Managed is headquartered in Vancouver.