The latest generation of the CarePredict Tempo™ includes an advanced motion sensor for gesture recognition and a combined heart rate and pulse oximetry sensor using best in class technology. 

The new Tempo Series 3 uses an array of sensors, indoor location data, machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to learn an individual’s activity and behavior patterns and predict the probability of health declines. 

Tempo augments human observation with machine sensing and learning by continuously observing and alerting on changes in daily activities including eating, cooking, walking, sleeping, showering and toileting.

“Almost all wearables in the market today detect just steps, sleep or some physiological measurements,” said Satish Movva, CEO and founder of CarePredict. “But when it comes to senior care, changes in activity and behavior patterns are the new vital signs as they foreshadow declines in health and are more important than just physiological measurements. CarePredict’s Tempo wearables enable professional and family caregivers to shift from the old paradigm of Detect and Treat based on physiological measurements to the new world of ‘Predict and Prevent’ based on changes in activity and behavior patterns.”

Seniors can also communicate through their on-the-wrist wrist wearable. Along with CarePredict’s Context beacons, the device provides room-level location accuracy and location-based insights and is integrated with RFID for electronic door access.