Cantata Health recently released a new white paper, The Dollars and Sense of Revenue Cycle Management. It offers insight into the trends, factors and decision making that goes into purchasing and keeping a revenue cycle management (RCM) solution in acute care environments.

More than 100 hospital finance, accounting and revenue cycle management professionals were surveyed for the white paper to show what their experiences have been with their current RCM solution and what they are looking for from a new one.

Some elements to the white paper include charting organizational growth (47%) and increases in claim denials and/or reimbursement delays. These were the most commonly cited factors driving interest in purchasing a new financial solution, which can improve Accounts Receivable (AR) performance. Management and increased revenue cycle efficiency are the main expectations for a new RCM software, and strategies and insights into problem-solving actions are critical to dealing with decreasing revenue trends, the company said.