Bradley’s WashBar

Bradley has introduced the next generation of its WashBar series. This extension delivers Bradley’s exclusive clean+rinse+dry functionality along with an edgier profile designed to make a statement in upscale commercial washroom applications.

The new WashBar features a thin, L-shaped design that gives the feel of an all-in-one fixture floating above the sink. With only one connection point to the sink, the unique design provides more open space for easier cleaning.

Designed in collaboration with award-winning international design firm platinumdesign, the new model is ideal for iconic impact in Class A offices, restaurant and hospitality settings.

Designed to enhance all the fundamentals of hand washing, the next generation WashBar combines touch-free soap, water and dryer.

“Now, more than ever before, touch-free hand washing technologies like the WashBar are at the forefront of limiting the spread of germs in public restrooms,” said Will Haas, senior product manager.

The durable chrome-plated cast alloy fixture features LED lighting to visually orient the user through the hand washing process with easy-to-identify icons on top of the bar. Using a bowl designed to work with the fixture keeps water in the bowl to avoid splashing outside the basin onto the floor, walls or user, improving washroom cleanliness and safety. The system’s integration of soap, water and dryer into one sleek fixture eliminates deck and washroom clutter. 

Exclusive features include an efficient one-gallon soap container that requires fewer refills. When the low-level LED indicator illuminates, the soap container is simply replaced with a full container. Since there is not a reusable soap tank, no cleaning is required and germ contamination is minimized.

The next generation WashBar WB2 pairs with all basins that fit the original WashBar, including the Verge LVQ basin in Evero natural quartz and Omnideck 5010 in Terreon solid surface; it may also be paired with a Terreon solid surface or Evero natural quartz undermount basin with other decks or countertops of choice.