Neofect Smart Balance

The new Neofect Smart Balance uses augmented reality to help patients recovering from stroke, ambulatory injuries or other lower body disabilities regain function in their legs.

The lower-body rehabilitation device was honored with an Innovation Award at the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show Innovation Award.

Smart Balance aims to turn what can be a monotonous process into fun and engaging exercise. It features 16 rehabilitation games that emphasize core strength, restabilization and balance, all with the goal of helping patients walk unassisted.

A 2 ½ foot-by-2 ½ foot platform — reminiscent of the Dance, Dance Revolution arcade game — evaluates a patient’s posture and gait, then tracks and analyzes motions, providing feedback when it senses an imbalance. Optional handlebars provide additional stability as needed. As patients advance, Neofect Smart Balance games increase speed of movement and coordination as patients step on and off the pad.

“For the past decade we’ve focused on hand and upper arm rehabilitation, but we’ve always wanted to create more engaging and measurable therapy for patients who need to recover leg function — whether that’s relearning how to walk or regaining range of motion and confidence,” said Scott Kim, co-founder and CEO of Neofect USA. “With Neofect Smart Balance, games like ‘Rock Band’ prompt users to move their feet, in this case to the beat of a song. Patients are physically and cognitively challenged and can also have fun while rehabilitating.”