Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC, which makes augmented reality glasses has announced a new state-of-the-art design for the company’s flagship Oculenz™ AR Wear glasses.

The new aesthetic, designed at Karten Design, will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Oculenz AR glasses are low-profile and more lightweight with floating lenses, the company aid, making them ideal for medical applications.

Ocutrx said it is the first heads-up AR company to fully integrate eye-tracking and cellular connectivity into its headset design.

The Oculenz AR glasses will be of particular value for patients living with age-related macular degeneration, the company said.

“This new cellular-connected AR Wear design isn’t just a step forward for Ocutrx, but rather for the entire AR Wear industry,” said Michael H. Freeman, CEO/CTO at Ocutrx.