Private room: $222 per day

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The cost of living in a long-term care facility increased steadily over the last year while home care costs have stayed flat, a Genworth Financial survey finds.

The cost of a semi-private skilled nursing facility room grew 3.4% since 2011 to a national median rate of $200 per day, according to the 2012 Cost of Care Survey.  The rate for a private SNF room jumped 4.2%, to a median daily rate of $222. Assisted living rates saw modest growth at 1.2% since last year, to a median monthly bill of $3,300.

In 2012, the median annual rate for a private nursing home room was $81,030, compared with the 2007 median annual rate of $65,700, the report says.

Costs for home health aide services and “homemaker” services saw zero percent growth, with the 2012 home health aide hourly rate at $19. According to the Genworth analysis, home care rates stayed low due to “increased competition among agencies and the availability of unskilled labor.”

Genworth's survey, conducted by CareScout, includes data from nearly 15,300 long-term care providers nationwide.

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