Poll: Most Americans don't practice preventive care

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Despite a high level of interest in preventive care, 82% of American's do not have healthy, preventive lifestyles, according to a new poll unveiled at Wednesday's congressional panel hearing.

The poll shows that people understand the value of preventive healthcare, but they "just need that last nudge" to begin practicing it, said Matt Narrett, chief medical officer of Erickson Health, the company that sponsored the poll. Nearly two-thirds of registered voters surveyed said they would like to hear more about preventive healthcare from presidential candidates.

The report also revealed that 14% of voters recognize regular physicals and screenings as the most important steps in preventing disease, and that voters over the age of 65 are more likely to rely on physicians and insurance providers for information on preventive healthcare, rather than their families.

The full report can be found at http://www.ericksonhealth.org/.