Police investigating taser use on nursing home resident

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Authorities in Kansas are investigating a police officer's use of a taser to subdue a combative nursing home resident.

The incident occurred Tuesday at the Good Samaritan Society-Minneapolis (KS) facility, where police were called after a male resident was accused of assaulting another resident, according to local reports. The resident who was allegedly acting combative would not comply with officers, so a taser was used to subdue him.

"There was forced used, and that's currently under investigation,” Minneapolis Police Chief Jon Strowig told KWCH12. Stowig says the incident was captured on video, but the video will not be released because the investigation by the police department and sheriff's office is ongoing.

The tased man was taken into protective custody, and transported to a nearby hospital so he would not pose a threat to himself or others, authorities said. The administrator of the Good Samaritan Society declined to comment to McKnight's on Thursday about the incident.

The case marks the third in recent years in which a nursing home resident was shot by police with a taser. A nursing home resident in Minnesota, and another in Illinois, were tased during police altercations within weeks of each other in summer 2013. Both residents later died from injuries sustained during the incidents.