McKesson Medical-Surgical Minnesota Supply Inc. and PointRight Inc. recently announced an agreement to bring analytics and solutions aimed at reducing readmissions to the long-term care sector.

PointRight’s OnPoint-30 allows providers to identify, trend and analyze rehospitalization cases and distill quality improvement opportunities. 

“We’re pleased to be working with McKesson Medical-Surgical to offer our respective customers a special combination of rehospitalization analytics services through a broad outreach to skilled nursing providers,” said Steven Littlehale, executive vice president and chief clinical officer at PointRight.

“Our predictive analytics focus on 30-day readmission trends, giving providers both a ‘look-back and look-forward’ perspective so they can implement proactive quality initiatives to reduce readmissions in their facilities,” Littlehale says. 

He adds the offering through McKesson Medical-Surgical also takes staffing levels into account as it relates to providers’ resident/patient population acuity, along with data integrity tools that help ensure their data is accurate across the board. Together, it’s a “very powerful tool set for providers.” 

“The benefits of combining rehospitalization analytics services with PointRight are compelling, particularly in regard to the focus on rehospitalization penalties hospitals are facing,” says Sean Riley, vice president of extended care marketing at McKesson Medical-Surgical.

“Long-term care and post-acute providers play a key role in helping hospitals reduce unnecessary readmissions. McKesson Medical-Surgical and PointRight are pleased to bring these tools to our customers and will continue to explore solutions that help enhance patient care, streamline healthcare processes and control costs.”