Pennsylvania seniors have special reason to be hungry for Super Bowl victory

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Time to pick your fantasy teams for ... funding
Time to pick your fantasy teams for ... funding
Pennsylvanians of all ages could be rooting for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL conference finals this Sunday. But seniors have reason to cheer extra loud: If both teams win and make it to the Super Bowl, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) has promised to donate sandwiches to senior centers in the winning city.

The governor hasn't ruled out including nursing homes in his game-day wager, his press secretary, Chuck Arno told McKnight's on Tuesday.  "I don't think that the governor has thought it out that far," Arno said. "I think at the moment he's focusing on Sunday's games. And then if and when both those teams make it into the playoffs, we will refine the governor's bet."

In the event that the Steelers win an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl, Philadelphia will send a shipment of the famous Pat's cheese steak sandwiches to senior centers across Pittsburgh. Should the Eagles emerge triumphant, seniors in the City of Brotherly Love will receive victuals from Primanti Bros., celebrated sandwich makers in Pittsburgh.

"Every senior in Pennsylvania should be rooting for a Pennsylvania team," Arno said.