Pace named top exec of National Commission for Quality LTC

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Doug Pace has been named executive director of the National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care. Officials also announced Monday that the commission will be housed at The New School, a New York-based university, whose president is former Nebraska U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey.

Kerrey and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, have been the high-profile co-chairs of the National Commission for Quality LTC since its inception in 2004. Govs. Haley Barbour (R) of Mississippi and Phil Bredesen (D) of Tennessee are the appointed commissioners for the group.

The commission is charged with evaluating the current quality of long-term care, identifying factors that influence the ability to improve quality, and tracking and suggesting policy improvements. Among other tasks, it will provide a forum for public dialogue among long-term care professionals, consumers, regulators, purchasers, providers and other stakeholders on long-term care quality and quality improvement.

"The commissioners, co-chairman Gingrich and I want to move quickly to explore the issues and make recommendations about national efforts that should lead to sustainable quality improvement," Kerrey said Monday.