A Pennsylvania nursing home recently tapped the growing crowd-funding craze to raise money to help its residents upgrade their dated televisions.

Pleasant Valley Manor in Stroudsburg hopes to raise about $5,000 on its Go Fund Me page, enough, it says, to replace up to 50 new TVs. The facility was about one-fifth of the way there at press time.

Resident Accounts Manager Jeff Rinker told a local news station he was inspired to try the idea after reading about James “Walking Man” Robertson, a Detroit man who received over $300,000 after a Go Fund Me campaign was established. Robertson was able to use some of the funds to buy badly-needed transportation.

More than 150 residents have the option of providing their own or borrowing something in need of an upgrade, Rinker said, adding,“we do have a number of TVs that have been donated over the years but most of those are the old style TVs.”