One in eight boomers to develop Alzheimer's

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Approximately one out of every eight baby boomers in the United States - or roughly 10 million people - will develop Alzheimer's disease, a new report from the Alzheimer's Association says.

Alzheimer's has become the seventh deadliest disease in America, according to the report. The association estimates that by 2050 there will be nearly one million new cases of Alzheimer's every year. Approximately 5.2 million people have the disease in the U.S. currently.

Stephen McConnell, vice president for advocacy and public policy for the Alzheimer's Association, noted that the disease begins to manifest around age 65, the same time people become eligible for Medicare. This, he says, will place a huge strain on the program. Three-quarters of people with Alzheimer's will die in a nursing home or assisted living facility, he said.