Older generations get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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It seems that the age-old rule to "respect your elders" has paid off. The so-called Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation are the most widely admired age groups, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey. 

The survey is a sampling of attitudes towards the five living and named generations: Generation Y (13-31), Generation X (32-43), the Baby Boomers (44-62), the Silent Generation (63-83) and the Greatest Generation (84+). A total of 33% of those surveyed called the Silent Generation the "most widely admired generation," followed closely by the Greatest, at 30%. The Silent Generation, however, doesn't seem to enjoy the same moniker. A total of 44% of those surveyed preferred the title "The Responsible Generation." The Silent ones also took the "most generous" award. The survey asked almost 4,000 Americans aged 21 to 83 what they thought of different generations.

The two oldest groups also seem to have the best reputations. It is the youngest generation, Generation Y, that is viewed as "most self-indulgent" (53%), "most greedy (55%), and "most short-sighted" (64%). For the full results of the generation survey, visit: http://www.harrisinteractive.com.