Nursing remains atop job growth charts

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Job growth for registered nurses is on pace to produce nearly 450,000 new positions by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In its May employment situation summary, the BLS said an additional 46,000 jobs were added to the healthcare sector, including more than 24,000 ambulatory care positions and more than 5,000 in nursing facilities.

Last month's numbers continue to place nursing ahead of the national average for job growth. Labeled as the nation's fastest expanding occupation by the BLS, the profession is expected to see a 16% increase in open positions from 2014 to 2024. 

Personal care aide is the only occupation projected by the BLS to see a larger increase than registered nurses.

The BLS says the projected increase has been tied to several industry trends, including an aging population, growth of chronic disease and an added demand for preventative care. Broader access to care services due to federal healthcare reform has also been called as a contributing factor, as well as a growing demand for nursing educators.

There are currently more than 2 million RNs in the U.S., according to BLS figures. n