Nursing home workers found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning

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Investigators are exploring a San Diego nursing home where two employees were found dead last week. Medical examiners determined the cause of the deaths to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Filipino couple, a 50-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman, were lying on the floor of a barricaded guest room attached to a garage at the Village View Residential Care Facility. Emergency workers had to break in.


Fire officials, upon inspecting the water heater in the bathroom the next day, found that a piece of metal was dislodged, causing it to emit carbon monoxide.


The owner, Autumn Thompson, who is disputing the findings, said the officials told her they did not get any carbon monoxide readings the evening the bodies were found. Thompson also said a carbon monoxide detector had been installed in the room and the couple had removed it and placed it in a drawer.