A family is accusing a New Jersey-based nursing home worker of performing a “simulated lap dance” on a former resident in a wrongful death lawsuit, despite regulators finding the allegations unsubstantiated. 

The lawsuit was filed in state Superior Court in late December by the family of Fred Pittman, an 84-year-old former resident of the Cumberland Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers in Bridgeton, NJ. 

“The complaints of this particular family have been investigated by regulators and found to be unsubstantiated,” Administrator Steve Brodt said. “We will defend any litigation as appropriate and will have no further comments.” 

The wrongful death lawsuit accuses the facility of negligence and abuse, including an alleged incident where a staff member performed a “simulated lap-dance” that “deprived” Pittman of his resident’s rights, court documents state. The family claims the facility’s negligence is what resulted in Pittman’s death. 

Pittman stayed at the facility between Jan. and Feb. 2018 and later died in March of that year, Syracuse.com reported. The family is seeking a judgment for compensatory damages, punitive damages and legal costs, court documents show.