Nursing home therapist found guilty in death of resident

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A therapist has been found guilty by a jury in the death of a nursing home resident in New York Wednesday, according to local reports.

Kethlie Joseph, respiratory therapist at Medford Multicare, was convicted of criminally negligent homicide for the death of Aurelia Rios. Among the four charges against her was failing to report Rios' death to state regulators.

The 72-year-old resident had a tracheotomy and was put in short-term rehabilitation with the goal of getting her off a ventilator, which she was not attached to when a nurse's aide found her dead in October 2012. Joseph failed to attach Rios to the ventilator despite doctors' orders, and ignored alarms for more than two hours after the resident stopped breathing, authorities say.

Joseph and four others are also on trial for lying to investigators in an alleged attempt to try and cover up Rios' death. Joseph can receive up to four years in prison when her sentencing occurs Sept. 15.