Nursing home CNAs earn less than other CNAs, report says

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Certified nurse aides in nursing homes make less per hour compared to CNAs in hospitals and home health agencies, a new report finds. They also have the highest turnover of the three types.

Nursing home CNAs earn an average of $10.33 an hour, according to the 2006-2007 Nursing Department Report published by Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service. That compares to home health CNAs who receive $11 per hour, HCS said. Hospital CNAs receive the highest wage at $11.49 per hour.

Turnover of CNAs in nursing homes far surpasses the rates for home health and hospital CNAs, the report said. Their turnover rate is 42.75%, while home health CNA and hospital CNA turnover rates are both about 25%. The report includes data from 4,207 healthcare facilities. Those facilities include 69,032 nursing home employees, 11,786 home health employees and 7,498 hospital employees.

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