A Canadian nurse who posted on Facebook and Twitter about her frustrations over a relative’s skilled nursing care has been found guilty of professional misconduct by a nursing organization. 

Carolyn Strom, a registered nurse, posted her concerns about the care her grandfather received at a Saskatchewan nursing home prior to his death. Strom, who did not work at the facility, advised the management to “get all your staff a refresher” on end-of-life care, CBC News reported in December.

Staff at the facility saw the posts and filed a complaint with the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, which found that while the posts may have been “motivated by perhaps grief,” Strom was still “bound to act with integrity” and therefore guilty of misconduct.

The SRNA maintained that it did not mean to “muzzle” nurses on social media, but reminded those in the profession to “conduct themselves professionally.” As of press time, the group’s discipline committee had not yet determined Strom’s penalty.

An anonymous petition was filed, urging the SRNA to reverse the verdict and develop clear social media policies.