Rose Anderson, director of nursing at Friendship Village, a 128-bed continuing care facility in Tempe, AZ, says that switching to OnShift’s nurse scheduling software has saved the facility valuable overtime and paperwork on staffing-related issues.

Prior to implementing OnShift, Friendship Village used a time-consuming Excel spreadsheet. Under that system, every time a nurse called in sick, another nurse had to leave the floor for 30-plus minutes to make phone calls and process paperwork for a replacement, she says.
“The deal maker for us was the ability to communicate with a large number of staff at the same time with a click of a mouse,” Anderson says.

Now, when a nurse calls in sick, Anderson can send out instant text messages and e-mails to available staff. Everyone receives the notice of open shifts at the same time.

OnShift’s software automates the scheduling process, replacing hand-written schedules and spreadsheets. Long-term care providers can reduce overtime by 90%, according to the company.
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