The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General found North Carolina officials failed to confirm corrective action in about 5% of nursing home deficiency cases.

The office published a report on the state’s failure to follow up Tuesday as part of an ongoing series by the OIG to reviews states’ verification of deficiency corrections.

By contrast, health officials in Kansas failed to follow up on 52% of deficiencies identified during nursing home surveys, a September review showed.

The North Carolina review was based on 100 samples taken from 2015 surveys resulting in deficiencies. The state survey agency verified the correction of 96 nursing home deficiencies but did not do so in the remaining 4 deficiencies.

“On the basis of our sample results, we estimated that that State survey agency did not verify the correction of nursing home deficiencies in accordance with Federal requirements for 5 percent of the deficiencies,” OIG reported.

The report recommended North Carolina’s state survey agency provide guidance and training to its surveyors to ensure that they properly upload system data and  ensure that it obtains, reviews, and verifies adequate documentation to supports nursing home correction plans.

The OIG noted that North Carolina officials did not concur with four of five errors identified in the draft report, but it was implementing training changes regardless.