No 'midnight' regulations?

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Stakeholders have until roughly mid-June to squeeze in any pressing new regulations during the current administration's final year. But the Office of Management and Budget said it doesn't expect any major surprises in 2016. 

Near press time, meanwhile, one major news source obtained a memo from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs confirming that the ink needs to be dry by about mid-June on any new regs meant to be wrapped up before 2017 dawns. 

Activity has historically increased during the end of a president's term. In one analysis from the Mercantus Center at George Mason University, analysts found the number of pages in the Federal Register increases on average by 17% in the three months following an election in which the White House switches parties. 

Still, the American Health Care Association's top government lobbyist, Clifton J. Porter II, recently told reporters the political campaign would likely muffle any significant rulemaking efforts. 

Nursing home administrators will nonetheless have to digest copious information in the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act (which Porter dubbed the “railroad track” of future payments). 

This is in addition to the hefty 400-plus page “mega-rule” unleashed on the industry in July.