News analysis: Support for card check varies depending on the poll

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Parties on each side of the card-check issue are proving adept at swaying the masses, according to a recent news analysis. But it's hard to know which poll figures to trust.

A total of 73% of the public supports the Employee Free Choice Act, according to a poll by the AFL-CIO. Meanwhile, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace—a pro-business group—finds that 74% of voters oppose the bill. Another poll shows 53% of workers would likely vote to have a union, while another shows only 9% would like to have a union where they work. The reason for the discrepancies lies in the way people taking the poll phrase the questions, as well as the level of public knowledge on the matter, according to the analysis at

Recent developments on Capitol Hill, including Sens. Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) coming out in opposition to the measure, make it unlikely the Employee Free Choice Act will be passed in its current form. (McKnight's, 4/8) Labor leaders are hopeful, however, that some type of labor reform will pass before the end of the year.