The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced the development of a new tool Monday to provide “improved visibility” into the quality measures the agency creates.

The CMS Measures Inventory Tool, or CMIT, will be a web-based tool that will cover a list of measures currently under development by CMS, implemented for use, or removed from a program or initiative. The same information is currently available in an Excel spreadsheet, but moving it to the web will make it more “intuitive and user-friendly,” said Kate Goodrich, M.D., CMS Chief Medical Officer and director of the agency’s Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, in a blog post.

Within CMIT, users will be able to track measures by program, dates of consideration and implementation, and specifications such as measure type and National Quality Forum endorsement.

The new tool is part of CMS’ recently-announced “Meaningful Measures” initiative, aimed at streamlining current measure sets “so providers can focus on the measures that are most impactful,” Goodrich explained.

“A great deal of attention has also been focused on alignment of quality measures within CMS and with commercial payers, and we are committed to working towards alignment of these measures to ensure delivery of high quality care to all Americans while minimizing burden on providers,” Goodrich said.

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