New technology could revolutionize healthcare disinfection processes, study finds

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Infection control experts say they have developed a disinfection method that could revolutionize the way healthcare facilities prevent healthcare-acquired infections.

Technology developed by researchers at Canada's Queen's University and Medizone International, pumps an ozone and hydrogen peroxide vapor gas mixture into a room, sterilizing everything, including floors, walls, drapes, mattresses, furniture, medical devices and other surfaces.

The disinfection process takes an hour to clean one room; developers say the process is far more effective than wiping down a room. While it has been used successfully to treat bedbug outbreaks, developers say its biggest implication is preventing infectious disease in healthcare settings.

“This is the future because many hospital deaths are preventable with better cleaning methods,” said researcher Dick Zoutman, M.D., who worked with Medizone International to develop the technology.

Results of a study on the new method were published in the American Journal of Infection Control.