Nearly half of voters view Medicare cuts to nursing homes as the least acceptable way to pay for healthcare reform, according to a recently released poll. The American Health Care Association disclosed the findings in a public statement Monday.

The poll, conducted by research firm The Mellman Group, also found that 66% of voters would be less likely to re-elect an official who voted in favor of Medicare cuts to nursing homes. A total of 78% of voters over the age of 65 feel that nursing home care for seniors would be worse if Medicare cuts were made. The poll posed the following question, among others: “If Congress cut $32 billion in Medicare payments to nursing homes to care for seniors, do you think the quality of care seniors receive in nursing homes would get better, stay about the same or get worse?”

Of the options presented to voters who took part in the poll, taxing those whose income exceeds $250,000 per year was the most popular way to pay for healthcare reform. Only 3% thought cutting Medicare payments to nursing homes is a good idea.